Why Us?

We have solved a digital imaging problem similar to that described above for medical PACS systems in another industry. We have years of practical experience developing, deploying and maintaining unique image information systems.

We have had extensive experience in the engineering services arena in dealing with digital images of computer chips acquired with visible light and scanning electron microscopes. The detail of the images is typically many orders of magnitude finer than that obtained in typical medical imaging modalities like MRI or CT scans. There are typically thousands of such images for one particular device. We have been involved in image processing applications which have involved the acquisition, collation, cataloguing, annotation and analysis of thousands of such images for one computer chip.

Our ongoing practice in the engineering services field involves collaborating at great distances i.e. internationally over the Internet with clients regarding the searching, interpretation and annotation of thousands of images.

We bring this expertise and a fresh approach to the digital medical imaging field.

Our engineering services clients number among the top 50 companies within the electronics and the semiconductor industries.

We strive to listen to our clients and to be responsive to their requirements. We understand that a client’s medical imaging viewing needs will evolve over time. We wish to provide them with a solution that grows to meet their needs over time.

For a demonstration of how our solution might be able to assist you, please contact us at “Contact Us” link