Our Solutions

ScanWorks is a cloud based interactive patient database with medical image viewing and collaboration capabilities. In our solution, we do not modify or interpret any medical image data. The original image data is not disturbed.

The key elements of our medical image viewing solution are:

  • Ease of use - TRY US!!
  • Secure access through a conventional web browser to patient medical images without having to worry about software or hardware compatibility issues
  • Instantaneous access to images anywhere in the world at any time
  • Viewing computer platform independence. We are compatible with Windows, Apple / Mac and Linux / Open Source environments
  • The ability to create content specific to a particular image and annotate or associate that content with that image
  • The ability for a physician to create a secure alert to a medical colleague to look at a certain image to facilitate collaboration in diagnosis. The alert may be sent via email or to the physician’s cell phone, pager, tablet or other device that he uses for communication. The ‘consulted’ physician may add his own written comments to the image and send the ‘annotated’ image back to the ‘originating’ physician
  •  The ability to search a series of images for a particular labelled image artefact or content associated with an image

Our image viewing solution has ready applications in diagnosis, teleradiology and medical education.

We offer professional services to help integrate ScanWorks with your PACS system.

For a demonstration of how our solution might be able to assist you, please contact us at “Contact Us” link